Tony Bobcock

Tony Bobcock

Tony Babcock is a Speaker, Coach, Live Event Host, Author & Award-winning Actor with ADHD. 

He has worked with thousands of individuals and some of the world’s largest companies (including Doctors without Borders & Microsoft). He has been featured on projects on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Cartoon Network, and has recorded national radio commercials for huge brands. 

Tony’s on a soul-mission to redefine personal growth, and guide busy-brains – the entrepreneurs, the artists, the self-starters – to calm the chaos, realize they’re good enough, and live life on their terms.

Tony has a Psychology degree and is certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Nonviolent Communication, Gestalt Therapy, Breathwork, Improv and Forum Theatre Facilitation.

Tony is also a passionate advocate and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, dedicated to making a difference in both personal and professional fields. He offers a range of courses that are tailored to suit the needs of corporate environments. From empowering individuals with the transformative power of authenticity in business to guiding them through the intricate process of course creation and strategy implementation, Tony is here to inspire, boost confidence, and promote success among business owners and entrepreneurs. 

After studying acting in Julliard in New York City, Tony has performed in productions on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Cartoon Network, and others. He runs an acting studio for actors worldwide called IYA Studio. 



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