Marie Kueny

Marie Kueny

Marie Kueny, M.S., Founder of Goddess of Light Retreats, is an empowerment coach, international best-selling author, and curator of intuitive healing circles, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

With a mission to bring more love and healing into the world, Marie offers powerhouse women premium experiences to soulfully heal and elevate their lives to align with their dreams and higher consciousness. Her experience in various natural healing modalities, including chakra alignment, reiki, Healing Touch, yoga, EFT/tapping, and meditation, paired with coaching entrepreneurs in mindset, sales, and marketing, make her an exceptional guide on the journey towards transformation and connecting women to their own divine wisdom through inspired action.

Marie, a California native, currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin with her partner and their three adventurous children.

“Most of my expansive moments of transformation have been when I traveled beyond my everyday surroundings, to new destinations that offer both blissful solitude paired with new adventures that help me see my own inner strength and courage. The deep appreciation I have for healing, breakthroughs, and travel set the stage for the creation of Goddess of Light Retreats. I can’t wait to witness your personal transformation when you join us on retreat!”

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