Lola Adeyemo

Lola Adeyemo

Lola Adeyemo is a passionate and resourceful leader who believes in and actively promotes inclusive leadership with the power of harnessing individual motivation to increase employee engagement in the workplace. A TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, consultant, and workshop facilitator; she leverages her voice and written words to advocate for an inclusive lens across every level within corporations as well as the empowerment of individual contributors, managers, and leaders to own their careers and pursue their purpose and passions in the corporate workplace.


Lola has a Master of Science in Biotechnology, a Bachelor of Technology in Biochemistry, and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Strategic leadership. She has an extensive background in project management, supply chain, data analysis, people management, and HR compliance and has spent 15+ years in roles across multiple global organizations within the manufacturing and biotechnology industries.

In addition to her role as Founder & CEO of EQImindset, a management consulting company focused on DEI,  Employee Resource Group launch and optimization, Lola is also the Co-Founder of Sapient Logic LLC a Technology company in San Diego, CA and the non-profit Immigrants in Corporate Inc. She hosts an Inclusive workplace PODCAST and also facilitates a membership platform where she provides career development resources for early to mid career career Immigrant professionals and employee resource group (ERG) leaders.

Lola is a strategic networker, volunteer, and mentor currently serving on the board of directors of Girls Inc. of San Diego and in an advisory capacity to a few other organizations aligned with her passions. As a career mom of 3, Lola constantly works on thriving at home and work and advocates for policies that enable all individuals to balance every aspect of their lives. Her new book “Thriving in Intersectionality:Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America” is now available on amazon


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