Krystalynn Williams, LMFT

Krystalynn Williams, LMFT

Krystalynn Williams is the CEO/Founder of Krystal Clear Mind, a mental health business where therapy services are provided as well as workshops and community events. 

Krystalynn holds 10 years of working as a mental health therapist. She is a wife, mother and advocate for fellow mothers out there who are seeking to flip the script of their life’s narrative from barely surviving to thriving. Krystalynn provides her clients with individual and couples therapy, workshops and community events. 

Krystalynn’s experience in providing mental health services to low-income families with children exhibiting at-risk behaviors helped shift her focus to the center of the family: the wellness of mother (and parents). She believes the best way to offer quality love and care to others is to serve from a full cup. Krystalynn continues to serve her community by participating as a guest panelist/co-host for speaking engagements and often volunteering at community and faith based groups. Krystalynn holds a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco; specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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