Holly Blazina

Holly Blazina

Holly Blazina is an Elevated Belief Coach, Yogini, Ayurvedic gut specialist, author, flamenco guitarist, award winning composer, and recording artist who found her kryptonite in chronic fatigue, candida, food sensitivities and insomnia.

She spent nearly 25 years figuring out how to get her life back. As a passionate, lifelong learner, she mines all of her experience to help her clients get rapid results. Now, she’s a creative powerhouse and healer in her 50’s with energy to burn.

Holly helps empaths and over-givers get ‘on purpose’ using her holistic Gutsy Type Method. Discover simple tools to reset your nervous system to digest both food and life well.

Clients describe her retreats, group programs, 1:1 consultations, and Gutsy Yoga program, as “life changing.”


For a taste of her work, take the Gutsy Type Quiz: https://gutsytypequiz.com 


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