Dorothy Lenore Llariza Tome

Ms. Dot

Ms. Dot devotes her time to listening deeply to anyone who connects with her, and to giving her all in helping them find their Inner Truth, if they so desire.

As student and facilitator of A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram, and Law of Attraction, she practices beingness, allowing, and non-attachment in her personal life and professional work.

My peace and solitude come from my certainty that whoever I Am, God IS, and ALL is well, because nothing Real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists.

Ms. Dot, or Dorothy Lenore Llariza-Tome, taught in a Montessori preschool for 14 years and was a Steiner-Waldorf parent for seven years before living in Las Vegas as community volunteer.  She holds a master’s degree in Education, a bachelor’s degree in Humanities, and certificates in Angel Card Reading, Life Coaching, U Theory, and Science of Well-Being. Ms. Dot has four adult children who are now living their lives to the fullest in their chosen fields.

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