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Our Story
It all started when I took The Science of Well-Being course at YALE University through Coursera during the lockdown in June 2020. Special shout out to Dr. Laurie Santos! Thank you for planting the [happy] seeds in millions of people around the world through your teachings.
Since taking the class, I have noticed a strong commitment to choosing a healthy lifestyle. I have been doing daily yoga and meditation practice since then. I even dove deeper in my practice by taking yoga+meditation classes myself where I have received certifications. Through my journey, I’ve experienced a massive change in my overall well-being and unknowingly began my self-discovery in the process. I know I’m not alone in experiencing this so I wanted to share this amazing journey with as many people who are in the same path.
My goal is to help more people to navigate their way to wellness and work towards a healthy and happy body, mind and soul through wellness resources like workshops and retreats – online and in-person. This site is a rich resource of curated wellness retreats found around the world as well as wellness guides + experts who can help.
If you’re a wellness expert and want to collaborate with me on a wellness retreat, let’s talk.
If you’re a leader in your organization, let’s co-create a tailored wellness experience for your company to foster positive team culture and holistic wellness.
If you’re an individual on a wellness path, congratulations on investing in yourself. Keep up the good work and stay on course. I hope to see you in one of our events and hope you become a member as well.
With Love + Gratitude
Chief Curator, HappyME.yoga
Feel free to message me directly at kellie@happyme.yoga to schedule a chat. I look forward to chatting with you.
meet our founder

Kellie Sabas

Meet Kellie Sabas, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy M.E.


I’m a proud veteran wife, mom of two growing boys, an independent meeting planner and a business owner.

Combining two decades of marketing experience in global prestige brands and hospitality, with my deep love and passion for yoga, I founded Happy M.E. LLC,
a marketing & events company in 2022 and launched www.HappyME.yoga that same year.

At Happy ME, we specialize in providing comprehensive wellness solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our corporate partners. From invigorating two-hour yoga and mindfulness workshops to rejuvenating multi-day retreats set in stunning destinations, we specialize in co-creating bespoke experiences that foster a positive team culture and promote holistic wellness. Our approach involves collaborating with carefully vetted wellness experts to deliver engaging events and transformative workshops.

As the chief curator at Happy ME, my mission is to support like-minded women in their holistic approach to well-being and create a vibrant community. I’m passionate about curating the ultimate self-care holiday where vacation meets transformation like the retreat in Encinitas at the beginning of the year and Bali this summer.

My passion for yoga and meditation practice has not only contributed to my personal growth but has also become a cornerstone in shaping the ethos of Happy ME. I obtained certification in teaching yoga and meditation in the summer of 2022, and I continually pursue advanced classes in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.

Last but not the least, I enjoy volunteering in my community through my alumni non-profit in the US. In addition, I lead the Community and Philanthropy outreach at International Association of Women (IAW), San Diego Chapter where we partner with local non-profit organizations that we can highlight in our community and help spread awareness on their cause.


Get to know more about my mission and vision for HappyME.yoga in this Thrive Magazine interview.
meet our partner

Global Yoga Teachers Academy by Yogamu

I am thrilled to be an official partner of the Global Yoga Teacher Academy [GYTA] by Yogamu to bring  authentic yoga virtual classes to your home. We offer different styles of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, coaching, live classes and workshops with teachers from Rishikesh, India and United States. Yogamu has 30,000++ active students around the world and they have been teaching the ancient technologies of the original yoga: The inner journey OF the self, THROUGH the self, TO the Self through means of meditation to ultimately be in yoga (union).
Check out different individual yoga classes in our Courses or try one of our Membership tiers to access all course. 
I can personally guide you on where to begin and how to optimize your learning, and be on your way to a healthy and happy YOU [body, mind and soul]. It’s all in the Science [of Well-Being]!
I look forward to welcoming you in our loving community.
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Where focus goes, energy flows


Different styles of yoga for all levels


Mindfulness practices


Silent and guided meditation


Coaching and accountability

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